Freelance Paralegals

The individuals listed below are ICAP Members in good standing, who are available to perform freelance paralegal services.

Paralegals are available to provide services only to attorneys, law firms, corporations, governmental agencies, or as otherwise provided in Business & Professions Code ยง6450.

ICAP provides this list absent any warranty or representation regarding the individual's identity, ability or experience. ICAP reserves the right to revise and/or remove elements of this listing at will, without notice, and in their sole discretion.

If you are a current ICAP Member in good standing and wish to be included in this listing, please contact the Freelance Paralegal Committee Chairperson with your relevant information as posted herein.

Name:  Deena M. Berry 
Phone:  (909) 660-1627 
Fax:  (888) 671-8839 
Law/Skills:  Family Law 

Name:  Pearl Toney 
Phone:  (951) 485-4968
Fax:  (951) 924-9637
Website:  None
Law/Skills:  Bankruptcy/Chapters 7 & 13 

Name:  Michele Pfeiffer 
Phone:  (714) 309-0370
Website:  None
Law/Skills:  All Litigation matters
Complex and construction defect matters
High volume discovery/production cases
Federal Felony matters

Address: ICAP, P.O. Box 143, Riverside, California 92502-0143 
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