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2016 Board of Directors

The ICAP Board consists of the following persons. All board members serve as volunteers and are either working paralegals, or are paralegal related professionals.

President: Connie S. Johnson
Vice President:  Veronica Goedhart
Treasurer: Dana Fischel, C.P.
Secretary: Gina Maple
NALA Liason/
Dawn DuRocher, ACP  
Director: Mary F. Diaz
Director:  Michele T. Pfeiffer, CLA

2016 Acting Committee and Chairs

ICAP has a number of active committees and volunteer chair persons. Below each chairperson is identified, and the various committees are further described below. Participating in a committee is a great way to get involved in ICAP. Please contact the relevant person if you are interested in helping out.
CLA Review Chair: Dawn DuRocher, ACP
Membership Meeting Chair: Connie Johnson
Employment Chair: Veronica Goedhart
Webmaster: Peter Brown
Newsletter Editor: Dawn DuRocher, ACP
Salary Survey Chair: UC Irvine
Election Chair: Jeannie Cartabiano, CP
RCBA Liaison: Jacqueline D. James, JD
SWRCBA Liaison: Veronica Goedhart
SBCBA Liaison: Dana Fischel, ACP
WSBCBA Liaison: Connie S. Johnson
Student Development Chair:  Jacqueline D. James, J.D. 
Corporate Sponsor Chair:  Connie S. Johnson 
Historian Chair: Dawn DuRocher, ACP 
Holiday Party Chair:  Connie S. Johnson 
Independent Contractor:  Open Position  
Board Assistant:  Pearl Toney
Board Assistant:  Priscilla Ramirez

Association/Affiliation Representation

NALA Liaison:    Dawn DuRocher, ACP

Committee Descriptions

CLA Review Chair.  ICAP's CLA review chair will be responsible for implementing a CLA Review Course for paralegals who wish to enhance their paralegal credentials and obtain the Certified Paralegal credentials through the National Association of Legal Assistants.

Education/Programs.  ICAP's program chair is responsible for coordination of ICAP's regular membership programs. The education chair creates liaison between ICAP and local colleges and universities in the Inland Empire offering paralegal/legal education courses.

Employment.  ICAP's employment chair accepts and distributes position announcements as they are available at ICAP membership program and events, via ICAP's email list, and through the JOB BOARD section of ICAP's website. Positions are listed free of charge, and are to be used for informational purposes only. Candidates are responsible for confirming all the relevant information. ICAP accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of the information.

Webmaster.  ICAP's webmaster is responsible for maintaining ICAP's website, a key tool for dissemination of information to membership.

Newsletter.  ICAP's newsletter editor is responsible for content, advertising, production, and distribution of ICAPtions. ICAPtions is ICAP's newsletter and is published quarterly. We are always looking for content so you are encouraged to submit articles and ideas, from the substantive to the humorous. Also let us know about any upcoming events that might be of interest to paralegals or paralegal students. Newsletter advertising is also very reasonable (really it's a steal).

NALA Member Organization.  ICAP is an member of the National Association of Legal Assistants. Our liaison ensures that we comply with NALA member organization requirements. Designated Parliamentarians represent ICAP in NALA decision-making.

Salary Survey.  Every Fall ICAP conducts a salary survey to measure paralegal salary figures, employment satisfaction and trends. Work involved in preparation of the salary survey results includes distribution of surveys, review of returns, and review and compilation of results. The higher the returns, the more accurate and valuable are our results. Thus, all working paralegals are eligible and encouraged to participate. You don't have to be an ICAP member. The results of our annual salary survey are usually presented at a membership program in November, and posted early the following year to our website.

Elections. ICAP's election chair is responsible for ensuring that we have a timely and accurate annual election at the end of each year. ICAP Board Members serve one year terms. All Regular Members are eligible for nomination, and eligible to vote. Nomination forms are distributed in early fall to all eligible members, and elections held by mail thereafter.

Local Bar Liaisons.  ICAP's Bar Liaisons will maintain relations with the local Bar Associations in the Inland Empire.

Address: ICAP, P.O. Box 143, Riverside, California 92502-0143 
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